Rotating Assembly

Accuracy at the Heart of the Engine

Magnaflux Crankshaft

Magnaflux Crankshaft

Inspection of the crankshaft for cracks or other damage. This is important when using a used crankshaft to prevent any engine damage after assembly.

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Add Keyway to Crankshaft Snout

Machine a groove to create a crankshaft keyway to accept a woodruff key. Can be performed on OE cranks with no keyway or to add a second keyway for supercharged applications.

Hone Connecting Rods

Hone Connecting Rods

This process cleans the connecting rod bearing surface and ensures the roundness of the big end of the connecting rod.

V8 Crankshaft Balancing Service

V8 Crankshaft Balancing Service - Heavy Metal Extra

Crankshafts are balanced to within XX grams of the weight of the rotating assembly. This ensures smooth operation, longevity, and mitigates premature wear of the bearing surfaces.

Block prep for Stroker Crankshafts

Block prep for Stroker Crankshafts

When installing a crankshaft with increased stroke, the inside of the crankcase and oil pan rails may need to be notched to clear the larger crank counterweights and the bigger swing of the connecting rods.

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