Engine Block Services

Block Cleaning/Checking

Hot Tanking

Hot Tank Service


Hot Tanking engine parts are important because it's difficult to measure them and inspect them for defects. After disassembly, the block is cleaned in a solvent tank then the cylinders, main caps, and lifter bores are checked for taper and out of round.

Magnaflux service

Magnaflux Engine Block


Magnaflux testing examines the block to find any cracks, pits, voids, holes, or other weaknesses not seen by the naked eye. This is important to know, as to not waste valuable machining dollars on a weak block. Aluminum cylinder heads are susceptible to cracks or leaks after a head gasket failure.

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Sonic Check Cylinder Walls 


Sonic testing process that determines the thickness of the cylinder walls to ensure safe boring of the cylinders without exceeding minimum recommended thickness.

Boring a block

Block Boring 

$150.00 Bore Cylinders up to 0.040-inch
$290.00 Bore Cylinders more than 0.040-inch
$xx.00 inline six-cylinder block
$xx.00 V8 block

Boring engine block uses a machine to enlarge the diameter of the cylinders. A high-performance engine or worn engine will often result in cylinders that are out of round. That negatively affects ring seals, causing lower compression and a loss of power. Boring the engine perfectly trues the cylinders back to round. Most high-mileage engine rebuilds require a mild boring. Boring will also increase engine displacement.

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