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We are currently in partnership with Bundy Built Motorsports offering a USAC Midget Race Engine specifically built of the Honda K-series line of engines. It is a pure race engine, with some of the best components and it does make the power to run with, and outrun some of the best offerings.

Headshot for K-Series Engine

K-Series Engine

Engine Package


  • LA Sleeve rigid ductile iron sleeve Honda K20 or K24 engine block 99mm stroke x 89.5mm bore
  • 4P I-beam long rod connecting to an 18mm tool steel wrist pin
  • 4P Wiseco strutted box forged ultra lightweight piston, armor plated, 89.5mm high compression
  • ACL race bearings, ARP fasteners, exclusive 4P spec head gasket for better seal
  • 4P Pro 163 CNC Cylinder head, 4P custom valves, Ferrea PAC HD valve springs, retainers, and locks
  • 4P tool steel billet RR4 i-VTEC camshafts
  • 4P Ported oil pump and baffled sump
  • All new Honda timing components and hardware Complete engine valve cover to oil pan
  • Meticulously assembled and supplied with detailed build sheets


    • Durable components and coatings that are designed to last
    • 4P Super Pro 163 CNC Cylinder Head with the latest in 4 valve cylinder head technology
    • Premium PAC valvetrain designed for long life
    • 4P Oil Pump and baffled pan provide superior oiling at all rpm ranges under cornering, acceleration and heavy braking
    • 4P Engraved Valve Cover Available
    • Cleanliness and attention to detail that everyone will be proud to own
    • Meticulously Assembled - Supplied with full engine specifications and tolerances
    • Recommend periodic maintenance procedures

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